١٠. وَالسَّابِقُونَ السَّابِقُونَ
10. Waalssabiqoona alssabiqoona
English Translation
And the forerunners, the forerunners -
Then the foremost, how pre-excellent,
And those who surpassed have indeed excelled.
and the Outstrippers: the Outstrippers
And the preceders are the pre-ceders.
And those foremost [(in Islamic Faith of Monotheism and in performing righteous deeds) in the life of this world on the very first call for to embrace Islam,] will be foremost (in Paradise).
And the forerunners, the forerunners.
As for the Foremost, they will be the foremost!
And those foremost will be foremost.
And the foremost in the race, the foremost in the race:
And the Foremost Ones are the foremost ones:
And the Outstrippers, the Outstrippers
The foremost ones (in faith and virtue) - the foremost ones in receiving their reward.
And the foremost are the foremost,
The third to the fore shall be the foremost.
And those Foremost (in Faith) will be Foremost (in the Hereafter).
Surah 56
Quran Surah Al-Waaqia ( Verse 10 ) with English Translation وَالسَّابِقُونَ السَّابِقُونَ